Bonus Module: Recognizing and Nurturing Healthy Peer Relationships

This bonus module provides crucial insights into recognizing both healthy and unhealthy peer relationships, empowering teens with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed choices.

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    This additional module will further equip teens with the essential skills and knowledge to navigate their social circles effectively, fostering a safe and supportive environment for meaningful friendships while being aware of potential pitfalls in unhealthy relationships. Teens will understand about personal boundaries, consent, and how to keep online relationships healthy. (Be advised that the topic of consent in regards to sex is covered)

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to your course

    1. Introduction to the Teenage Brain

    2. Understanding the Teen Brain

    3. Understanding the Brain Pt. 2

    4. What's Puberty Got to Do With It?

    5. What Effect Does The Brain Have On Social Skills?

    6. Let's Set A Goal

    1. Introduction to Social Skills

    2. Social Skills Self-Assessment

    3. The Basics of Social Skills

    4. Empathy and Communication

    5. Politeness and Respect

    6. Let's Set A Goal

    1. Introduction to Effective Communication

    2. What is Your Body Saying?

    3. How Is It Coming Out Of Your Mouth?

    4. Set a Goal

    5. How to Listen

    6. How to Ask a Question

    7. Taking Responsibility

    8. Role Play Activity

    9. Set a Goal

    1. Introduction to Building and Maintaining Healthy Friendships

    2. Be You

    3. Be Kind

    4. Conversation Starters

    5. Rejection- It's Part of Life

    6. Cultivate Your Interests- Find Your People

    7. Let's Set A Goal

    8. Reflect on Your Current Relationships Activity

    1. Introduction to Mindfulness

    2. What is Anxiety Anyways?

    3. Why Breathing Works

    4. Analyzing the Situation

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  • 2 hours of video content

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